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Review: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Hello people,

So today I've decided to review one of my favourite skincare products ever, the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I've used it on and off since I was 26-27, but have been more consistently over the last couple of years.

What is the Advanced Night Repair? 

It's a night repairing serum that reduces and prevents signs of ageing, like lines, wrinkles and dullness. Hydrates and smooths the skin, giving it a healthy, fresh and youthful look.
It uses Estée Lauder's ChronoluxCB technology to enhance the skin's natural cell repair and protection. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, to attract and lock in moisture into the skin, helping with dryness and dehydration. Non acnegenic, it's a fragrance and oil free formula that won't clog the pores, suitable for all skin types.

Advanced Night Repair is available in four sizes: 20ml, 30ml, 50ml and 75ml. The prices go from 35€ (30£) up to 135€ (115£), depending on your location.

How to use?

It can be used mornings and evenings, on clean skin, before the moisturiser, applying a drop on each fingertip of both hands and rubbing them together, then massaging them on the skin, moving from the centre outwards.

My opinion

First of all, I love that it comes in so many sizes. No matter how much I like a product I also enjoy to try new things, soI usually go for the smaller sizes. Not only they don't bankrupt my account, but it also avoids products going bad or being wasted. One of the aspects that I have some mixed feelings about is the fact that it comes with a dropper instead of a pump. This exposes the product to air and bacteria but on the other hand, makes it easier to control the dosage that goes into the skin.

Usually I ignore part of the instructions and only use it in the evenings. If you decide to use it during the day, don't forget your sunscreen. I put four drops on my face (forehead, each cheek and chin). This is a very thick serum, which I first thought would be a problem, but it actually spreads very easily and the skin absorbs it in a matter of seconds without any weird residues, stickiness or oily feeling. It's just very comfortable. The smell is nothing to right home about, but it's soft and goes away once the product dries, so I'm not really complaining.

I love how good it immediately feels. As soon as I apply it, I can feel some extra freshness and a few seconds later my skin feels so smooth, I have to stop myself from touching it every ten seconds.
My skin is usually dehydrated combo and I never felt like it made it oily, in spite of the hyaluronic acid. It also doesn't give me a big hydration boost, but keeps it hydrated enough throughout the night, no dry patches or redness, so I count it as a win (specially if compared with other serums). When I wake up the skin feels silky and rested (I always joke and say it's the caffeine in the ingredients list).

In my opinion this serum biggest weapon is the long term results and here I have nothing but praise! I have some fine lines around my mouth and nose and the ANR worked small miracles on them when I first started using it. And I don't think they got more pronounced over the past two years.

Another aspect that I always notice after a few days of uninterrupted use is how beautiful the skin looks. Bright, even and healthy. It brings an amazing glow. 

Final thoughts 

Over the past two years this serum became a usual presence in my night routine and unless I have some sudden skin change or they change the formula, I doubt it will go anywhere. I don't use it every single night and sometimes I stop for a few months but it always returns, in spite of the hefty price. But I have such good results that it's actually worth it. 

Have you ever tried the Advanced Night Repair? 
Let me know your thoughts about it down in the comments.

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  1. I haven't tried this product but it sounds really wonderful! What a fabulous review. Don't be nervous about posting - you clearly are very talented and knowledgeable! I look forward to reading more from you in future :)

    1. Aww, thank you. I'll try to be here more often.
      This really is a great product =)

  2. Nunca lo he probado pero le tengo muchas ganas ^^
    Un beso!

  3. i used to love this serum a lot! i stopped using it because i am always testing new things but it's definitely amazing!

  4. Thanks for the review! I love the photos! :)

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  5. I have to say I haven't tried this serum before. If I go for luxury skincare then usually pick up Sisley x



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